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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Blog Comments

I'm not a tech blogger. I'm a Software Tester and I occasionally post, occasionally about tech, because it's good indulgent creative fun and, as pretty much nobody reads this, it's not going to hurt anyone.

This post was going to be a comment on Ian Betteridge's blog entry on the whole should-Gruber-allow-comments-on-Daring Fireball thing.

As Ian wants to encourage everyone who really wants to comment on what I write to get their own blog fired up, and write. You never know, you might enjoy it, that's what I'm doing.

It's not, though, the first time I've written here as a response to another blog. I do use comments on sites, but not really very much these days. It seems like a waste of time and effort. There's an awful lot of stupid out there and I'm trying not to participate.

I'd tend to use Twitter to contact @ianbetteridge, who I kind of know, via Twitter, and I'd use email to contact @gruber doesn't know who the fuck I am, and as emailing is more effort, I'm only likely to do so if I have something to say that I think he'd want to hear. I honestly don't want to waste his time.

I'd probably email John if I thought he'd got something factually wrong. He'd want to correct it, (which he does). I might also drop him en email if I thought he'd missed something (say he was writing about drawing graphs, but seemed not to know about omnigraphsketcher, and I thought that was a great tool he should know about).

The first post on this blog linking to an external source linked to Daring Fireball. That's no coincidence. Had there been comments, I'd have left one alongside dozens of others that would be ignored and forgotten.

So thanks, John and Ian for indirectly and directly getting me to post stuff here that at least I'll be able to read again sometime.

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